Seminar regarding the Current Status of LGBTQ Rights in Japan (in English) – co-sponsored by Shibuya City

While the number of foreign persons that live in Japan is close to 3 million, publicly available information on the social and legal status of LGBTQ rights in Japan is very limited.  Lawyers for LGBT and Allies Network (LLAN) will hold a seminar designed to provide the audience with up-to-date information on LGBTQ rights in Japan as well as an introduction to resources available in English.  The event is co-sponsored by Shibuya City, a city with the aim to be a mature international city under its motto  “Shibuya―turning difference into strength”.

Leading experts on the topic will cover issues on marriage, family, visa and issues faced by transgender in Japan.

・Date and time November 14, 2020 18:00 to 20:00 (registration starts at 17:45)

・Venue Shibuya gender equality, diversity center <iris> 8th Floor, Shibuya Cultural Center Owada, 23-21 Sakuragaokacho

・The event is available both live and online (see below) – if you wish to attend the event in person at the venue above please apply  HERE (due to the Covid-19 situations the seating is limited to 20 persons; seats will be allocated in the order of applications received)

・Please submit any questions and requests to

・The event will be broadcasted online through the YouTube channel of Shibuya Gender Equality, Diversity Center (IRIS).  The URL for the event will be notified later.  The event will also be recorded for later viewing.

・Sponsor:Lawyers for LGBT and Allies Network (LLAN) – 

・Co-sponsored by Shibuya City

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