Shibuya City Partnership Certificate Issuance Guide

Shibuya City Partnership Certificate Issuance Guide and other related documents now become available in English. LLAN members helped in the English translation of the guides on the partnership certificate in Shibuya city utilizing our legal knowledge.

Shibuya City Partnership Certification
The “Shibuya City Ordinance to Promote a Society in which Members Respect Gender Equality and Diversity” became effective on April 1, 2015. With this ordinance, Shibuya City seeks to promote a society in which sexual minorities are free from social
prejudice/discrimination and respected as individuals. Based on the principles embodied by the ordinance above, and although the relationship will not be treated the same as a civil law marriage under Japanese law, Shibuya City recognizes a relationship between two people of the same gender (based on the gender recorded in their family registers), which is substantially equivalent to a civil law marriage relationship between a man and a woman and which is referred to as a “Partnership” under the ordinance. The Mayor of Shibuya City has the authority to certify any relationship which satisfies certain conditions of a “Partnership” by issuing a Partnership Certificate.

Overview_Shibuya Partnership Certificate

Shibuya City Partnership Certificate Issuance Guide

Guide to the Preparation of Notarial Deeds of Voluntary Guardianship Contracts and Agreed Contracts

Grant of Subsidy to obtain Shibuya City Partnership Certificate

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