We will host our Third Equality Gala on September 19, 2018!

Lawyers for LGBT and Allies Network is pleased to announce that we will host our Third Equality Gala on Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

Date: September 19, 2018 19:00 – 22:00
Venue: Akasaka Prince Classic House

1-2 Kioicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 102-0094
Program: 18:30 Registration
19:00 Opening Remarks
19:15 Speeches by Guest Speakers
20:15 Special Performance by Maria Seiren
20:30 Joint Statement about the Viewpoint on Marriage Equality by the Chambers of Commerce in Japan
21:00 Speeches by Guest Speakers
21:10 Raffle Drawings
21:45 Closing Remarks
22:00 Closing

(in order of appearance)
  • Professor Shuhei NINOMIYA
    Ritsumeikan University College of Law
    Member of the House of Representatives
  • Kanako OTSUJI
    Member of the House of Representatives
  • Soichiro TAKASHIMA
    Fukuoka City Mayor (by video message)
  • Kunihiro MAEDA
    Association of LGBT Local Councillors, Diet Member of Bunkyo City Assembly
  • Yumiko KAJIWARA
    Corporate Executive Officer and Deputy CTO, Head of Diversity Promotion Office, Fujitsu Limited
  • Kazuyo KATSUMA
    Economic Analyst
  • Hiroko MASUHARA
    Trois Couleurs, Co., Ltd.

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